The chicks are here!

The post office called this morning at 6 to let us know that our chicks were here!  So I pick them up and brought them home.  The kids were so excited!  First thing Vincent said when I walked through the door box in hand was “I can hear them, I can hear them!!!”  he was just so cute.  I did not take any pictures of Vincent with the chicks, because I had to keep a close eye on him so he would not squish them!  So here they are…  we got 4 different kinds and they are named: Oreo, Smores (Sam), Rosie, Miss fluffy pants (Penny), and Lavender (me).  There is one more that need to be named but Sam wanted his pen pal to pick it…  so the name is to be determined!!!

Photos, photos, photos…

I have not been blogging as much as I would like lately, but Christmas is right around the corner, which means I am very busy with photography!!!  Newborn shoots and Christmas card shoots have been taking over every weekend since late September!  So here a sneak peak at what I have been up too!

The S family… double the cuteness!

The R family… brother/sister love (the kiss picture is one of my favorite!!!)

Miss L… or should I say Miss personality!

The M family…  these twins cracks me up!!!

The V family…  with their two lively boys!!!

The G family… with their 3 beautiful girls!

The B family…  How cute is this little lion!

Precious baby T and big sister R!!!

Sweet baby A and big sister:

Little P is 1!…  The past year flew by!  I feel like I just did mommy’s belly picture and P newborn session!!!

The D family:

I did their newborn session (the younger brother), so it was so nice to see them again and see how much the boys had grown!  Bueatiful family… here are the munchkins..

4 crazy munchkins 😉  I had so much fun with this photo shoot!!!  The girls had so much personality…  and the little boy was just like Vincent (busy, busy, busy!!!)  How cute!!!

Baby L and big sisters! (not quite done with editing this shoot…)

So here it is…  one of the reason I have been so busy lately!!!!  I have a few more shoot to edit in the next few day…