The chicks are here!

The post office called this morning at 6 to let us know that our chicks were here!  So I pick them up and brought them home.  The kids were so excited!  First thing Vincent said when I walked through the door box in hand was “I can hear them, I can hear them!!!”  he was just so cute.  I did not take any pictures of Vincent with the chicks, because I had to keep a close eye on him so he would not squish them!  So here they are…  we got 4 different kinds and they are named: Oreo, Smores (Sam), Rosie, Miss fluffy pants (Penny), and Lavender (me).  There is one more that need to be named but Sam wanted his pen pal to pick it…  so the name is to be determined!!!


Another quiet and fun weekend is ending…  We spent a the mornings hanging out in our pj’s and cuddling.  Spent the warm afternoons outside… just a lot of nothing and everything!  We also felted some soaps which was a first for the kids.  It is pretty fun to do but quite messy when a 2 years old is involved!  The kids were pretty proud of their creations!



Penny’s design:  A purple diamond ring

Sam’s design: A red peace sign (I don’t know why he is so interested in peace signs lately ;))

Feels like Spring!!!

This winter has been pretty mild, and the past few days have been nice and warm!  We have been enjoying a lot of outside time…  Penny is getting really good at riding her bicycle without her training wheels and Vincent is… well… just being Vincent!  Sam his a manic when it come to riding his bicycle and I truthfully prefer to watch him!  He might give me a heart attack!!!

Here are the munchkins playing outside!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Today’s juice: Penny’s Pinkalicious juice!

Penny, Vincent and I went to Whole Foods this morning and bought a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to make juice!  Both kids were very excited about it…  On the was back, Penny was going through all the juice possibilities she could think off…  So here is what she came up with:  Penny’s Pinkalicious juice!


2 carrots,

1 celery

1/2 of a beet

2 apples

a hand full of green grapes

Here is the taste test!

Result???  Approved!!!!

I barely got the chance to taste it!  They drank most of it within a few minutes!  Penny’s Pinkalicious juice was a success!!!

Juicing 101… and busy day!

About 20 years ago, we use to have a juicer.  This thing was a beast, ugly, heavy and a pain to clean!  However, it made some awesome juices!   When I was in college, the smoothy shop near campus had some great juice too, but they stop making the juice and sticked with smoothy!  Since then, I have been wanting to buy a juicer.  Not long ago, Brooke  posted about juicing on her blog and really gave me the itch again…  so I finally got myself a juicer!  Thanks Brooke!!!!  So I got on Amazon and ordered a juicer which I got for a great deal (almost half price)!  Well I received it today, and they ended up sending me a different juicer than the one I ordered…  I think I got an even better deal!!!!  (Brooke, I think its the same as yours…  Is it a good one???).  So after I got the package, Penny wanted to try it right away (and me too ;)) so I Penny pulled out the fruits/veggies she wanted to try and she and Vincent “brewed” their first concoction.  Pretty simple this time but I will introduce the spinach and turnip later :).

Awesome mustache Penny!!!!

Beside making juice today, I also ran errands, did 4 loads of laundry, made a double batch of granola and yogurt, and cook 3 meals for the week…  played outside, clean the chicken coop, reheated supper on the grill because the power went out around 4:45 pm, played and read to the kids and manage to write this blog…  oh, and did I mentioned that I have a pretty good head cold right now?!?  I am glad for the comfy couch and tranquility tonight…  maybe I’ll have a glass of Asti!


Who needs fancy toys when you have sticks, rocks and dirt???


Thi is how my floors looked like after cooking with a toddler and a 4 year old!

I kind of wish the power was out a little longer tonight… there is nothing like the glow of candle lights and the silence of the house.  Maybe I can turn all the light off and pretend, but I would still have the humming of the appliances and heater!



Beautiful weekend!

“What do parents owe their young that is more important than a warm and trusting connection to the Earth…?”  – Theodore Roszak, The Voice of the Earth

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend…  enjoying the weather and nature.  These kids would spent all hours of the days outside if I let them, playing with sticks, rocks, dirt and their imaginations!  Can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that we can camp in the wood!!!


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself” – Josh Billings

We have two great pups… both of them so sweet.  Diesel is my big softy, he is a ladies man and has a tremendous patience with the kids!  Enzo is full of life (he love running around, sniffing everything and rarely lay still – hence the lack of picture of him in this post!)

“this one looks tasty” 😉

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Baking with Vincent…

All 3 kids love baking so I can’t get away with baking by myself unless all 3 kids are in bed 🙂

Yesterday, Vincent helped me bake carrot cupcakes…  of course he wants to do everything by himself!!!  So cute.  He his pretty good for a 28th months old…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


He is growing up so fast!

Sam….  you are growing up into such a amazing boy!!!  So sweet and caring!  I love you!

A few weeks back, he really wanted to cook breakfast for us, so I read him the pancake ingredients (he could not read them himself because they were in French!) and he took all the ingredients out, measured and mixed them and cook breakfast for the whole family!  He now calls them his famous pancake and cook breakfast for us every Saturday 🙂

oh…. sweet Penny! :)

Oh!  my sweet Penny!!!

On Thursday, I was quite tired from the Holidays and from a little boy getting up at 5 am so I decided to take a mid afternoon nap while Vincent was sleeping.  I prepared a few activities for Penny so she would not get bored:  play dough, puzzle, coloring, and I set up her Strawberry shortcake house she got for Christmas.  I lot to do, so I though it would be fine…  she entertained herself before while I took naps…  Well, I guess she found something better to do….  When I woke up, first thing I did was to grab all her ballet stuff to get her ready for ballet class, took a brush to get her hair up in a bun and started brushing her hair while she watched a tv show.  I had not really paid attention to her hair until I stated brushing it (her hair were quite tangled) and long pieces of hair started falling all over me!!!  First thing that came to my mind was why he she loosing her hair so much!?!  Then I realized that the pieces of hair that were falling all over me had a nice straight edge to them…  then she turned around and I saw this!!!



Brad new bangs!!!!!  Oh… Penny!!!!  At first glance, it did mot look too bad until I pulled her hair up, then it just looked really bad!!!  So I took a pair of scissor and was going to try to do something with it, then decided to leave it to a professional :).  Thankfully, my hairdresser made a spot for her for the next day!

So here is Penny’s new look!  She is very proud of it and first thing she told me when we got out of the salon was: “hope the boys like it”!!!  Oh boy!!!!

She loves posing for the camera, so here she is 🙂

I love you sweet girl!