Friday afternoon…

Meet Merlina!

She is our 6th chicks (the one that was not named yet)…  Sam really wanted to let his penpal name her.  She pick the name Merlina from her favorute story “Merlina and the magic spell”.  How cute!!!  The name fits her well…  So here she is!  A beautiful 3 weeks old Americana hen.  They are grew lots of feathers in the past 3 weeks!  It’s amazing how fast they grow!!!!  We should have eggs from them by the mid to end of July…  Can’t wait.

Here are Lavender (Left) and Oreo (Right)

… and Rosie (to the left) the other Americana…

Smore and Miss fluffy pants and in the back (Left)

The chicks are not the only things growing quickly around here…  we  have a bunch of seedlings that popped up this week too!!!  Can’t wait to start getting fresh organic veggies and fruits!!!

We had an old pallet laying in the backyard so we build a small herb box with it.  We put it right on the back deck for easy access when we cook.  We will have more in the garden too…

Vincent is showing off his “good look”.  This boy cracks me up!  How cute is he with his long hair!  I don’t have the hart to cut it yet!!!  We might have too when the temperature start reaching the 100s (he might get quite hot with that head of hair)!

The kids new “thing” is to dig for worms!  They will spend hours in the backyard digging for them…  it’s a good thing we have 3 acres ;).  I have holes all over the place!!!

Once they get a bunch of worms, they bring them to the chickens who have been “screaming” at them the whole time they are digging (they know what’s coming!!!)

Most of the creatures/insects the kids find in the woods are harmless except for… well… this one!  I am not a big fan of spiders to start with but this one makes me cringe!  Of course Vincent was the one finding it and was very excited about finding a “bug”!  So I decided to catch it and teach the kids about “bad bugs”!  After that, Vincent kept pointing at it saying “You BAD bug!  Mean Bug”.  I think he got it 😉  I ended up killing it (sorry for the bug lover… but I love my kids much more!!!)

One of the good “creature” of the backyard is Vincent’s best buddy Diesel!  They love each other 🙂

This was our Friday afternoon.  We had a great time!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

2 responses

  1. ughhh…I can’t stand spiders:/

    Okay, so Merlina is oh so pretty:)) Can’t wait to show Niyah her photo.

    So, how is it that Vincent and Lucca look so much alike…it’s kind of weird:))


    Hope you have a GREAT weekend with your sweet family! ~ Brooke

    ps someone needs to grab the camera & take a picture of you once in awhile;)

  2. Both Sam and Penny loved the name Merlina! I have to get the book for them…

    For some reason, I can’t wait to get Vincent and Lucca together!

    My camera doesn’t have a full auto mode. So most poeple (including my husband) can’t get any good focused picture. I will have to ask Rich to take a few pictures with his iphone…

    Have a great weekend with you family too!

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